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Staff List


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs N Carpenter Headteacher
Mrs R Beazley Deputy Headteacher
Mrs V Hayward Acting Deputy Headteacher
Mrs K Smith Acting Deputy Headteacher
Mr S Millington Strategic Business Manager
Mrs S Bingham Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J Jones SENDCO & Assistant Headteacher
Mr A Hill Acting Assistant Headteacher
Mr P Wilkins Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mr C Wallbank Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S Roberts Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mr T Solway Blower Acting Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mr I Smith Designated Safeguarding and Attendance Lead
Teaching Staff

    Teaching Staff

  • Mr C Pepper
  • Mrs S Walker
  • Mr T Ball
  • Mrs K Bradbury
  • Miss A Edwards
  • Miss M Munir
  • Miss L Batten
  • Mr A Bansal
  • Mr N Abban
  • Mr B Cahill-Kitson
  • Mrs R Coley
  • Mr L David
  • Mrs P Dhinsay
  • Mr A Dodd
  • Mr F Francis
  • Miss R George
  • Ms A Allsopp
  • Miss E Giles
  • Mr T Gough
  • Mr T Harris
  • Mrs S Kelly
  • Mrs E Avery
  • Mrs H Law-Dhesi
  • Miss N Leverger
  • Mrs L Lovegrove
  • Mr M Murphy
  • Miss C Nash
  • Mr E Parsons
  • Mr A Pearce
  • Mr A Shafiq
  • Mr B Wilson
  • Mr J Wythe
  • Mr G Berry
  • Mrs C Brown
  • Miss S Butler

    Progress Assistants

  • Miss D Everitt
  • Mrs B Sangian
  • Mr A Gallagher
  • Mr B Jeffs
  • Miss A Kapoor - Academic Mentor
  • Mrs N Hickman - Librarian and Intervention Coordinator
Progress Assistants
Miss D Everitt   Mrs B Sangian   Mr A Gallagher   Mr B Jeffs   Miss A Kapoor - Academic Mentor   Mrs N Hickman - Librarian and Intervention Coordinator   
Associate Staff

    Administration Staff

  • Mrs R Oakley - Attendance Officer
  • Mrs K Williams - Academy Administrator
  • Mrs C Haynes - Safeguarding and Family Liaison Officer
  • Mr A Boswell - Creative Media Technician
  • Mrs D Bradburn - Finance Officer
  • Miss J Smith - Personal Assistant
  • Miss Z Shaikh - Receptionist
  • Mrs S Grant - Clerical Assistant

    Exams Officer

  • Mrs R Beazley - Exams Officer (Deputy Headteacher)

    ICT Technicians

  • Mr D Potts
  • Mr D Joynson - Network Manager


  • Miss H Woolacott (Science)
  • Miss T Pearson (Science)
  • Mr A Kirk (Engineering)

    Site Managers

  • Mr B Bowles
  • Mr A Groves

    Student Support Leaders

  • Mr M Rogers
  • Ms N Hands
  • Mrs S Worrall
  • Miss D Hannon
  • Mr P Walker
  • Mr S Butler

    Catering Staff

  • Mrs M Ryan-Griffiths - Catering Manager
  • Miss T Beards
  • Mrs D Melbourne
  • Ms D Hunt
  • Ms L Croot

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